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For me, each change of season is an opportunity for new ideas.  Keeping my hands busy and my mind receptive to creativity is important to me.  Innovation comes from continuous work and sometimes failure.  I believe in simple, clean, designs and that is reflected in my collections.  I've added my graphic portfolio to the site.  Check out my new jewelry "look book" for ideas.

I hope you like to shop! 



I've finally reached the stage in life where I can truly engage in art.  I’m fascinated and inspired by the ever-changing expressions of texture and color in nature.  My latest exhibition is a multi-faceted look at the juxta position between modernity and the nature that surrounds me.  In the links below you will see the breadth of mediums I work within - but I never limit myself...



My grandfather introduced me to travel, my career afforded me further opportunities.  Since I was 16, I have been a seeker, wanderer, a nomadic individual.  I turned to an inward travel with nature during the pandemic.  Now I  am incredibly excited to be getting out in the world again!  Join me on an adventure to new places while reminiscing the travels past.

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