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travel & reviews

Some people claim that planning a trip is just as much fun as taking one. They might be right. 

That feeling of anticipation and endless possibility is hard to beat, but it can be overwhelming too. 

Below you’ll find guidance on putting together your next adventure and reviews of the good, the bad and the

thrill of travel to over 60 countries and numerous points of interest.

Hemingway Home & Museum

Wonderful home and grounds of Earnest Hemingway.  Take the 30 minute free guided tour, Steve, a guide, has a good sense of humor and is full of interesting tidbits.  You can always walk away from the tour and go on your own.  There is time after to circle back to anything you want to take a closer look at afterwards.  They are super casual and very friendly.  You will definitely see 6 toed cats like Etta James (pictured here). Well worth the stop whether you are a Hemingway fan or not.


point of interest

30 min - 1.5 hours

in a great neighborhood to walk around

safe for single individuals

$11 - $15 entry


Ocean Rider Sea Horse Farm

I never really gave sea horses much thought.  This is a sustainable farm that works towards expanding the species and delivering them to the wild.  There are tons of varieties and all are endangered.  I learned a ton of interesting information on this tour and also got to hold a sea horse at the end.  The price is a little high, but once you see all of the work that goes into this endeavor, you will understand how your money is invested in the future of sea horses.  

Kona, Hawaii

point of interest

60 min - 1.5 hours

must drive to location / near airport

safe for single individuals & families

$75 average entry price

more to come...

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