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about me



Let me start by saying I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I am married to my friend, my soulmate, my love, I have health, home and happiness.  I also have had some amazing experiences.  


I have a background in textiles and arts.  My love of colors and textures drives me to explore new cultures around the world.  I love an adventure, meeting people and taking the road less traveled.  I want to try everything once, before our short time on this earth runs out - with my love.



I always have a camera with me.  I love capturing life through the lens.  Each photo has it's own perspective.  Flipping through the images I have captured, brings back memories, emotions, thoughts, aromas, sounds and life at that snapshot in time. 



My favorite images have loads of texture and subtlties of color.  I have a large collection of storyboards on Pinterest that include additions of my own photos.  However, I am not shy to love everyone elses photos too!  

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