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Order by Number

I know, it is a pain and I am sorry.  I have not updated my product pages in a while.  Sometimes life is just gets in the way of my intentions and it is hard to share all of the styles, as I make new things all the time.  But you don't know how much I appreciate your business!  It really means the world to me.  And I really want to share with you.  So, you can order jewelry like normal on the Shop Jewelry Online page.  If you want to shop these styles, find the board and earring numbers below and go back to the "shop jewelry" page and click on the button "new collection".   

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I am on FB and IG for more looks too...

Winter Special.jpg

Board 1

Earring 1.jpg

Board 2

Earring 2.jpg

Board 3

Earring 3.jpg

Board 4

Earring 4.jpg
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